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What are Recurring Payments?
Recurring payments are a payment method where a customer authorizes a merchant to automatically charge a fixed or variable amount at regular intervals. It allows for easy budgeting and eliminates the need to manually make payments. Commonly used for subscriptions and memberships.
The Problem of Recurring Payments in Cryptocurrency
Blockchain technology has struggled to keep pace with traditional financial systems in terms of accepting recurring payments. OnChainPay has addressed this challenge by introducing a revolutionary Web3 recurring payment platform. Similar to fiat-based subscription platforms, this platform allows for the seamless, automatic processing of payments using cryptocurrency.
How Does This Work for The Merchant?
Create an offer to subscribe through your personal account or through the API
Set the subscription price and frequency of debiting
Place an offer on your site, or send it directly to your customers
Get regular payments for your services
Advantages of Recurring Payments
Lower transaction fees
Transactions on the blockchain are generally cheaper than traditional payment methods.
Borderless transactions
Cryptocurrency can be used globally, and payments can be made without the need for currency conversion.
Faster Settlements
Seamlessly receive payments, securely store funds for future use, efficiently manage your finances, and gain insights into address-specific transactions.
Supported Networks
Supported Wallets
Metamask> 10,000,000 users
TronLink> 500,000 users
Coinbase Wallet> 1,000,000 users
As well as any non-custodial wallets, including: Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet,
Coinomi, Exodus, OCX and others
Our commission
The commission is charged when payment arrives on your account. Your end user does not see this, and it is not reflected for him
Custom user notification
When a subscriber's cryptocurrency balance is no longer sufficient to support their recurring payment, we will send a reminder for them to add funds to their account in order to continue their subscription.

You choose which reminders to send and which not:
  • Insufficient funds
  • Write-off is approaching
  • Write-off is approaching, but there are not enough funds
  • New subscription
  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription write-off
Who we are?
Our company is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency processing industry. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned blockchain team with over 5 years of experience, we've processed over 1 billion dollars in transactions to date. Our platform offers unparalleled security, reliability and efficiency. Our cutting-edge technology and highly skilled team make us the go-to choice for businesses looking to integrate crypto payments seamlessly.