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business types,
from accepting direct transfers to mass
collections from
addresses to reduce fees.
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Accepting Payments
Invoice System
IGaming Settles
  • Set Prices in Both Fiat and Cryptocurrency
  • The Most Current Exchange Rates from Fiat to Cryptocurrency
  • Unlimited Invoice Lifespan
  • Full Page Customization Support. Set Your Logo and Brand Colors.
Order system
IGaming Settles
  • Unique Address Rotation System for Each Merchant. Customer Payments are Collected on a Minimal Number of Addresses, Reducing Blockchain Fees by Tenfold.
  • Order Lifetime of up to 24 Hours.
  • Support for Multi-Transaction Payments with Display of Paid Amount.
  • Status System Supporting Partial Payments, Overpayments, and More.
New Release July 2023
Static addresses
IGaming Settles
  • Assign Personal Addresses for Each Coin to Clients, Allowing Clients to Repeatedly Pay to the Same Address.
  • Error-Free Fund Accounting. Clear Display of Balance for Each Client.
  • No Limit on the Number of Addresses Attached to a Single Client.
Multilingual Pages
IGaming Settles
  • Payment pages are adapted to the individual language needs of each client.
  • Support for displaying 16+ languages.
  • Ability to add a language for your business needs.
IGaming Settles
  • Protect your funds from volatility by automatically converting them into stable coins.
  • Forget about managing multiple coins. Receive only preferred coins to your addresses.
Fee Payer Selection
IGaming Settles
  • Choose who will pay the transaction fees, you or the client.
  • Receive exact amounts to your addresses without losing fees from the transaction amount.
  • Ability to receive payments from clients without any stopper in the form of additional fee payments.
Funds Management
Advance Balance
IGaming Settles
  • Operate with precise amounts. Pay service and blockchain fees from a separate balance, not from the transaction amount.
  • Forget about storing currency for gas payment in tokens.
Segregated Payment Storage
IGaming Settles
  • Store funds from clients separately based on the payment method. No mixing of funds for payments through orders, subscriptions, and direct transfers.
Withdrawal of Funds
Address Book
IGaming Settles
  • Add and save addresses for future fund transfers.
  • Assign unique names for convenient management of saved addresses.
  • Forget about the problem of errors in addresses or meticulous double-checking of each symbol before making a transaction.
Fiat Withdrawals
IGaming Settles
  • Receive fiat payouts to your bank account through SEPA.
  • One of the fastest payouts in the market.
Automatic Withdrawals
IGaming Settles
  • Forget about the need for manual work. Set the date, amount, and withdrawal currency.
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals, both in terms of amount and number of recipients.
  • No minimum withdrawal amount. Limitations are only subject to the blockchain.
Real Blockchain Addresses
IGaming Settles
  • No synthetic addresses; all transactions are transparent and traceable.
  • All fund movements can be tracked through blockchain scanning.
Two-Factor Authentication
IGaming Settles
  • Protect your funds with verification at each stage.
  • Withdrawals are only possible with 2FA confirmation immediately before withdrawal.
Integration and Testing
IGaming Settles
  • Unlimited retries for webhooks.
  • Available for sending with orders and invoices.
  • Storage of webhook sending history for all time.